At The Raber Mattuck Group we work hard to make the annual audit or review of financial statements as painless as possible for our clients. We understand the complexity of the audit/review standards, and strive to simplify the process for you.

An audit provides the highest level of assurance that your financial statements are in accordance with the applicable reporting framework. Through the audit, our team of professional accountants will ensure your financial statements meet these standards. Our audit team will get to know you and your organization in such a manner that allows us to go beyond the audit to provide you with valuable information on internal controls, control weaknesses, and areas of operations where your organization can improve.

A review engagement provides a lower level of assurance. As a result, review procedures are usually less complex and time-consuming than audit procedures, which results in cost savings for the client. The review process usually involves discussions and inquiries – so during the review we will be asking you a lot of questions about your organization!

Our assurance team is knowledgeable and proficient in assisting our clients with a wide range of financial issues. With financial reporting standards becoming more complex, we invest extensively in continuous training, education and technology in order to keep abreast of regulatory changes. The accountants of The Raber Mattuck Group have the expertise needed to navigate these evolving financial times.

Financial Statements Preparation

Also known as a Compilation or Notice to Reader, this is a process where we put together, or compile, your financial statements based on the information you provide us with. Although we do not perform any assurance procedures, financial statements prepared by a professional accountant are often sufficient for your needs and are well received by lenders, investors and other external parties.

We often provide this service in conjunction with the preparation and filing of corporate tax returns or charity information returns, as well as advisory and consulting services to meet your business ne

Tax Services – Personal, Corporate, Trusts, Partnerships & Not-For-Profit Organizations

We offer our clients the highest level of personalized tax services including corporate, personal and trust tax planning, preparation and filing of T1 (personal), T2 (corporate), T3 (trust), T5013 (partnership) and T3010 (charity) returns, estate planning, and sales tax consulting.

We pride ourselves on striving to always meet filing deadlines and making sure that our clients are in full compliance with tax laws and regulations.

GST/PST, Payroll & Bookkeeping

In addition to assurance, tax and financial statements preparation, our firm offers a full range of GST/PST, payroll and bookkeeping services, provided by our dedicated and experienced staff of professional bookkeepers.

By outsourcing your ongoing record-keeping to our bookkeeping department, you will always know that the work will be done on time and in line with the financial statements preparation standards and tax regulations, with minimal adjustments needed at year-end, which will result in cost savings for you. Our bookkeepers benefit from continuing professional development, access to latest software and ongoing supervision by professional accountants.

Should your business growth and operating needs require you to bring your bookkeeping in-house, we will provide your staff with advice on system setup and troubleshooting, as well as ongoing training and assistance.

Business Advisory Services

We offer solid, clear and practical advice to small and medium-sized businesses. Management’s ability to easily and readily access professional advice is vital in today’s economy. We provide professional assistance in preparing business plans, budgets, business valuations and cash flow projections for your operating needs and as required when approaching potential investors and financial institutions.

Sales Review Examinations

We offer a specialized sales review examination service to owners and developers of shopping centre properties. This review is designed primarily to ascertain that tenants in shopping centres are reporting their gross sales accurately and in conformity with lease covenants. The Raber Mattuck Group is the industry leader in this area of specialized professional service. Our clients include many of Canada’s largest shopping centre owners and managers.